Alge tdc8000 programming suggestion

i'm developing a program to receive data from a tdc8000 via rs232 to a pc for a live results app.
Does someone used the results of specific bib given by the CSIRT(CR) command and
the output i would have?

Someone knows if exist a tdc8000 emulator for pc non only sending impulse but also receiving commands?

Any suggestion?

Thanks Luca
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I have developed my app with VB6 and now with .net, both cases connected via RS232 to receive online each pass from TDC8001.

The system is used in Enduro Races in Mexico since 6 years ago, and there was just few communication problems. Serial communications are robust protocol.

We receive the string and parse (is not coded), and then write to Access database or Excel to display in TV results online (with class, bib number, time and name)

Like yourself I have developed an Java application that manages the race data via an Oracle database.

I have not yet completed the communication piece to receive data or parse it from a file. I'm interested in learning how you either received data from the RS232 or via a flat file.

Please feel free to respond or PM me.

Thanks in advance

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