Alge dline with REI2

While I am using a REI2 timer and I can get to Alge option 44 with single start race. I don't know how to go about getting the board to work with pc-online with bib #'s race config

thanks in advanced.
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Are you trying to make the REI2 send data direct to the GAZ display? It appears that you have done so with the REI2 Single Start Program.

I am not sure that you can do this with PC-Online. Why do you want to send the time of day data to the display?

There might be another way.

Please tell us what your ultimate goal is and we can set up some gear and simulate the best approach.
Thank you for the reply SportsTimingInt,

My ultimate goal is to use my REI2 timer connected to a ALGE DLINE displayboard to time a race, manually add penalty times and display the results.

For instance:

I start the timer as a racer crosses the starting line. The Racer bumps two slalom posts and crosses the finish line two minutes later. I add a ten second penalty to the racer's time and display two minutes tens seconds on the display.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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