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I am working on some transponder project.

From my PC where I get the data from transponders, I would like to further send BIB and channel number directly to tag heuer 540 or Alge Timy over Serial.  What command to send to Tag or Timy?

I Use Vola sw for data, I can send command directly to Vola from my laptop with command  (TN_0003_0001_01_12:11:03.73200_00000) This would be recognized as BIB 3 channel 1 and with time .... but I would like to first send data to Chrono and then get data to Vola from chrono ...

Regards Matija

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I'm not sure about the Timy, but to my knowledge there's no way to write time data directly to the CP 540. The only available PC to CP commands seem to be:

#ID Identification number request

#PL Print Line (24 characters)

#DL Download Run

#RT Recall Time

#SL Start List

#MC Save Identification number (MAC address LSB) to Flash

So if you just wanted to print the time you could use the #PL command, but I don't think there's a way to write time data to the CP memory from the PC.

So, it seems like it actually is possible to write data to the 540 with the TN command. It only works on channels 5+, and it still returns an AK F (failed) message. However, it's possible to then retrieve these times from the 540 using the RT command.

For example:

Sent: #TN 0016 0072 05 12:13:56.7800 12345 06D9
Received: AK F 00F2

Sent: #RT 0072 05 0292
Received: AN 16 72 M5 12:13:56.77984 2345 06D6

It won't work without sending the correct checksum to the 540 (06D9 in this case) followed by a carriage return and a new line. Hope that helps!

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