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Microgate products were introduced to the equestrian world at the 2011 CHIO Aachen. This is the largest annual equestrian event in the world with a full week of jumping, dressage, vaulting, 3 day eventing, and carriage driving.

Sports Timing International was invited to participate by SCG Visual Results of the Netherlands.

Microgate products used at the festival are being shipped to STI for special after show pricing.

STI was responsible assisting with the driving marathon and 3 day cross country

Great new video from the Aachen 2015 organizers


Images (10)
  • End_of_Phase_E_with_Microtab_and_TIMY
  • Microtab_and_TIMY_at_the_end_of_Phase_A
  • Timing_cabine_at_the_Rolex_complex
  • Timing_the_Rolex_complex_at_6
  • Late_afternoon_setup_of_obstacle_7
  • Polifemo_at_the_start_of_obstacle_2
  • Polifemo_at_the_Rolex_complex_at_6
  • Polifemo_at_obstacle_4
  • Emergency_Polifemo_install_at_finish_of_Obstacle_2
  • A_little_rain_on_the_Polifemo
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