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This might be off-topic but has anyone tried to install a weather-resistant webcam on a slope-side shed to live stream a ski race?  We are thinking about installing one, and we would like it to control by a remote controller (to turn from one direction to another, and to zoom in and out).  Does anyone have experience with this?  If so, what brand/model should I be looking for?



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Quite a few have tried, with varying degrees of success. Before picking a camera, your connection method to it and your upload speeds need to come first.

The constant manipulation of a single camera might get cumbersome and you may have better success with two static cameras and switching between them, so you can show more of each racer's run.

Hi Matt

Thanks for responding.  Yes, I believe you are right, it's easier to have multiple cameras, and not touching them during the race.  Someone on this forum was telling me just that.

We were just floating the idea amongst ourselves at LMRT and I just wanted to get a sense of the type of camera that others were using.  Someone told me they were happy with a particular brand of security camera (Axis).

Hopefully I can get a few more tips.


You can use most PTZ IP-cameras, you have to balance between quality/cost. Low cost is very low qaulity, both build and output.  4MP is good enough. Preferably dome, negative tilt (upwards) and 25x zoom. White balance is the main issue. Dahua and Axis is good (not great) on white balance. Example 49425GBNRis a cost effective permanent outdoor camera that may last for years.

You cannot expect to follow the skier, pan move is far from smooth and follow will be disturbed by crew on hill. You will have a reasonable good stream at 1080p or 720p, latency may vary between UDP and TCP.

For communication, use Unifi AirMaxAC to setup a ptp-link. anything from  NanoStation and up. Remote control of camera PTZ via standard web.browser. Output stream to VLC or OBS, stream to web requires conversion.

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