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I am selling mylaps transponders for individuals in the personal version or for timekeepers in the version timer (multiples 34 with suitcase).
We are a timing company from Italy that needs to dispose of some material.

We give full guarantee on the transponder battery of 6 months with exchange of the transponder if the charge no longer holds, or we replace the battery within 12 months of purchase. We currently have the following transponders for sale: 12 MYLAPS TR2 MX (Orange) no subscription ** NEW ** 96 MYLAPS MX (Orange) no season tickets used (year 2017)

Important note all the transponders on sale maintain a full charge of the batteries like new, therefore 4/5 days of flashing green light.

I can also supply a complete system with decoder, cable and pc and software. The transponders work very well both with MX and with KART and AUTO.


Images (8)
  • TR2_BIG-1
  • TR2_BIG-2
  • TR2_BIG-3
  • TR2_PACK-1
  • TX_MX-BIG-1
  • TX_MX-PACK-1
  • TX-MX-BIG-2
  • TX-MX-BIG-3
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