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Hello All,

I have worked with Timy 3 in a new Venue and Timy keeps disconnecting from the timing PC multiple times during the day, the impulses don't come in to the timing PC, the Timy receives them without any problems. It seems there is issue with electrical network, the device showed a message "Low voltage" multiple times.

I was looking into serial port connection instead, which sockets/cables do you use for such connection? The laptop doesn't have Serial port so needs an adapter, but what which cables do you use to connect Timy to the laptop then? The Timy Multiport?

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By default, I connect Timy 3 to a PC via the built-in serial port via USB. In some cases (remote data transfer, connection to another device, etc.) I also use the serial line included in the D-Sub 25 multifunctional connector.
I've never had any issues with outages. In addition, the error is not necessarily with the Timy3 device, but perhaps also in the PC serial port driver or incorrectly set transmission parameters.

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