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Hi everyone,

We are very happy and proud to introduce our new business, Timit Sports Timing Pty Ltd.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, our focus will be on supporting timing companies with their bigger projects, and offering training.

With that purpose in mind, we are launching a series of online software workshops in October. You will find the program below:



October 11-13

Sending Emails and SMS to participants

October 18-20


November 1-3

Making the most of Splits

November 8-10

Video back up and live stream of your finish line

Two sessions in English are planned for each topic at different times of the day to allow people from all parts of the world to attend. You will find complete session times and contents online on the registration page.


If you would like to organise personalised training for you and your team, on the topic and at the time of your choice, please feel free to contact us for an offer.

We hope to hear from you and see you online soon.

Best regards,

Ugo and Ellyse Durand

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