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Hi all,

I am considering a Lynx system and looking to add a photocell / beam detector for the line crossing. We have an EtherLynx vision and there is some confusion about the wiring for the photocell.
Does any one know if this can be wired direct to the back of the camera? If so any details would be great!

I have seen some information regarding the connection box, but this seems to be legacy equipment. Other elements mention mounting the RF antenna on the beam, but it would be far more convenient to wire a contact sensor directly to the back of the camera if possible?
Alternatively is there a way to take an input from one of the serial Lynx IP devices for the photocell into FinishLynx software?

Thanks all!

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It's been a while since I've used the C-box, but I think using that as a reference is your best bet. I found this post that includes diagrams for that.

I can check my equipment tomorrow, but I think it would be straightforward to wire up something that included both the radiolynx receiver and capture button to the back of the camera. Then you wire your photocell to the capture button pins and set the trailer large enough that it captures the finish.

Is that what you're trying to accomplish? Or are you wanting to add a serial photoeye in the software using the back of the camera as an input? I'm not sure how I would suggest doing that.

Thanks, I added a comment to the bottom of that one with what I believe is the pin-out.
Not looking to automate the capture, I'd still prefer that to be hand initiated. The biggest issue we have is shadows tripping the clock to stop early. Unfortunately where we are the sun is behind the athletes as they cross the line, leading to some believing they have run a PB, but realistically it is a 2m shadow that has triggered the clock. Of course there is an education piece there and times aren't official until posted after being read electronically.

This I think could be eliminated by a beam that the athletes break as they cross the line. The C-Box looks like straight through connections and so should be able to wire directly to a 15 pin plug on the c-box output of the camera.

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