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Hi everyone,

I'm selling this complete timing system (completely new). You can see what it is consists of as well as the price. My local club paid for it 8244 USD + customs and taxes which led to the price of 10.717,2 USD.

Unfortunately the friend which wanted to work with it passed away and now we are not able to find somebody to replace him.

The price we are selling it for is 6.595,2 USD or 6120.48 €

2x Feibot F828 8 Port UHF RFID reader (simcard can be installed in both)
1x 8M floor mat antena
1x 4M floor mat antena
~2000 RFID tag chips
4x Feibot side antenna
4x Stand for side antena
1x feibot desktop RFID reader
495x Feibot reusable triathlon tag

Software is cloud based and easy to use.

We can deliver it all around Europe.

Feibot Rechnung


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  • Feibot Rechnung
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