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Does anyone know of a small network switch that has an internal battery that will kick in if the power goes out? Even better, one that can do PoE so I don't even need to mess with a power injector?

My FinishLynx Fusion camera has an internal battery.
The laptops have internal batteries.
We use a switch to connect the camera, FinishLynx laptop, Meet Manager laptop, and printer.

If someone kicks the extension cord or I otherwise lose power during a race, the only important things that lose power are the 4-port switch and power injector for the camera.

I've used a full APC battery backup before, but they are so dang heavy and seem overkill for what I'm trying to accomplish. Plus on one occasion it went into one of its scheduled checks and the internal battery was low and it cut power to all my equipment unnecessarily, so I've been spooked to try it again ever since.

It seems like there should be an elegant solution to this. Does anyone have a similar setup?

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Thanks for the tips. I had seen a few USB-powered switches around and I might give that a try. I'm running out of USB ports on my laptops though Frown

I've also seen a few battery-powered PoE switches, but they are usually larger rack-mount options for things like security cameras or WiFi access points. I'm sure the market isn't big for small switches.

I haven't lost power during a meet (yet), but I like being prepared for all the possibilities. I'll post back with pics if I settle on something.

A view years ago, my company builds some small boxes (25x20x15cm), which contained basicly a small UPS and a 8-port switch.

They were searching for stuff like this on the market, but with no luck - so they were building a small number at themself.

We needed them to make infield communication stable, since the data comming from the clients there is needed for producing TV-graphics...

Thanks for the link, that looks like a really good pre-built solution, and I like etth's suggestion for custom boxes too. I ended up putting my own together using 4qty 12V7.5AH batteries, this network switch, and this injector. I use the switch's 51V power supply to power the injector, which powers the switch via PoE, which powers the camera over PoE. If I lose AC power, the injector fails over to the batteries via the term block and I can run my camera and network switch for 16-20 hours if needed. When the batteries are end of life I will probably replace them with 4qty 12V2.3AH instead to reduce the weight.

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