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Fellow timers.

I have encountered a recurring issue this season that is perplexing. Occasionally in large XC races (400+) Identilynx video will drop out for several second gaps, and occasionally much longer. I usually have a Vision Camera and 2 Identilynx run on wire for each system. All I7 machines with SS Hard drives.

Anyone have input on a solution? FL Tech Support hasnt come up with anything.

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Is this with a chip system integrated?

When does it drop out? (runners 100-110, or 300-310)
You're running to an actual ethernet port, not a USB-to-Ethernet?
What kind of switch are you using?
Is it possible you've got electrical interference? (are any of your cables shielded)
What Identilynx versions are you running, at what resolution and fps?

Logically, it's dropping out because it's overrun the ability to write to the drive. I've had no luck running two identilynxs on one system, just doesn't appear to like it. It's a lot of data.
I'd guess it's bottlenecking someplace, the question is where.
Drop out could be any time, but is most common after approx 100.
Yes, using IPICO Elite Reader(s), in yesterdays case 2, due to a wide finish line.
Ubiquiti Edge gig swithch (16 port)
Cables are all Cat 6 booted shielded.
IL XR 720x480 5 fps.

I have used two a lot for the last couple of years, since I swiitched to Solid State hard drives. FL software appears to store very little in short memory, but writes everything to hd. Not sure what role cache plays in the process.

I am running two LAN's, with one dedicated to the IPICO side, so they come in through a USB/ethernet adapter 3.0.
I briefly ran a Dell ultrabook with a backup lynx camera, no Identilynx, just a B&W camera. There was significant lag with a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. Enough that I dropped it after one meet. I couldn't accept the risk.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but it seems like you've got one coming in through RJ45 on the computer and another through a USB-to-Ethernet adapter? Is the Lynx gear coming in through the dedicated port? If not, I'd suggest that is the problem. Lynx is going to carry a significantly heavier data load compared to IPICO.
Its an odd thing, because I have run Vision and 2 identilynx for 600 runners each in consecutive races a few times, with no issues at all. Not sure what why the data would be any larger (given same FR and Resolutions).

I October I noticed a race (of 450) where feed was beginning to lag/slow down but not drop out. Rebooted and never happened again. Seems like it could have cleared cache/buffer. This past weekend the schedule just didnt allow for re-boots.

I feel like the software would perform better in a 64bit envir, where it could utilize RAM more than write.

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