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I’m looking for a little help. Currently using Alge Timy3 with PR1aW photocells. The photocells are approx. 85m away from the Timy3, with a good line of sight. I am getting an intermittent issue where a competitor will break a beam but the impulse seems to be getting delayed by 8-10 seconds. The signal always eventually arrives and the clock jumps back to the correct time but the delay is causing confusion for spectators and competitors. It happens with maybe 1 in 25 impulses and their doesn’t seem to be any pattern or changes in the environment, setup or situation. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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The  PR1a W impulse is converted to a data packet and then sent via the WTN network. The WTN is a mesh network so the data packet may be routed to other members of the network and not direct to the TIMY3.

Are there other photocells, WTN-PB etc on the network that could be a stronger signal than the TIMY3

Try making sure that the TIMY3 is turned on first and then the PR1a W and other devices.

Remember also the the WTN system is on wifi frequency and easily interfered with by wifi access points and related. It could just be that the PR1a W signal is too weak and cannot compete with the ambient wifi.

Increase the RF power on the TIMY3 under WTN settings and it will force the photocell to that setting as well.

If you fail to get satisfaction from the WTN switch to the new TED 2 system coming out late next month

Hi Nozim.

We use the Alge WTN quite extensively, and I agree with everything Fred suggested.  Below are a few more suggestions.

  1. Ensure that your power is set to 100 mW.
  2. Use a frequency (Team) that's not too busy. I use an Android app called "Wifi Analyzer" to view the traffic on the 16 Wifi channels. Note: the Wifi channels DO NOT correspond to the Team numbers, but you can see where everything sits in the attached graphic which I pulled from the WTN yellow box manual. 802.11 b/g channels are very popular, and so I recommend using Teams 2, 7, or A-F, which all sit at the minima of the 802.11 freq bands.  Unfortunately, they also align with the ZigBee channels, which are used in some garage door openers, etc., but those Teams have worked well for me.
  3. While the Timy3 user manual has some WTN info, The WTN "yellow box" manual has much more info.  Download and read it at the Alge site here.
  4. If you are using multiple teams, consider using the "All" teams, A-F, so that devices can pass along the signals from other teams. (See the WTN manual for an explanation.)  For my primary and backup systems, I use Teams A and B.
  5. Consider using a "repeater" to pass along the signals.  I use the WTN-PB (pushbutton) as a repeater and place it halfway between the Timy3 and the PR1aW.  Note that the PR1aW will talk directly to the Timy3 if it can, and so it may read poor signal strength (red). As you move it away from the Timy3, it will lose the Timy3 connection altogether, and then pick up the WTN-PB and flip to strong signal (green).  You could also use a WTN yellow box as a repeater.

Hope that this helps.



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