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I would like to sell every thing as a package deal. Good opportunity for someone that wants to start a race event business. I think $3500 is a fair price. See images in this post. I am California based. Contact eric@irun4ever for questions.

14 foot truss with heavy duty crank stands
8 foot truss with standard adjustable stands
Ipico Lite Reader. Good for up to 400 signals per second
2 Ipico 2.5m timing mats
Two dc clocks
One ac clock. 
One Sony sound system

Orange cones, course signs, etc.


Images (9)
  • 20181122_081141
  • 20190928_101106
  • DC clock large
  • DC clock small
  • iPico Lite
  • iPico timing mats
  • Sony wireless speakers
  • Start & Finish Line telescoping trusses
  • Various running signs & cones
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