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We are interested in getting programmatic access to race data in SkiAlp Pro during a race so we can feed it into "titler" software for a live video stream.  That is, when a racer starts we'd like his/her name and club to appear in a title in our live stream, and the software that does this should be fed directly from Vola.

Does anyone know how we could get access to this?  Vola writes to a local SQL database so we could poll that, but it would be inelegant.  Are there any back doors to Vola where we could get this more cleanly?

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To put a somewhat finer point on my question: I don’t suppose there is a Vola-recommended way to access live data, but rather I’m interested in a more elegant approach than simply polling their local SQL instance (which is accessible).

There are many uses for live data that don’t compete with Vola’s offerings, including letting NASTAR racers sign up for SMS results from their races, for example.

If someone has achieved this, I’d be very interested to learn about it.

@Michoux I Tried to listen on Scoreboard port from Vola, but I saw that they use their own protocol to communicate with led displays. Which one would you suggest as most "Straight Forward" protocol to try and pull data from?

Also you said that by listening on port 5409 you can get the live timing, how do you setup which ip to connect from Vola SkiAlpPro on this port? To point it at my program that listens on this specific port?

Thanks in advance.

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