Printer Paper for ALGE TIMY

The TIMY uses the same type of printer that is used in an office adding machine or credit card scanner. It is thermal paper and the image or text is "burned" onto the paper by the print head. Older style fax machines used this type of paper as well. The TIMY printer is a high end version and has been enhanced to work better in
the cold and to print faster.

Genuine ALGE paper is a premium formulation that works great in all kinds of timers including the Longines 5005, TAG 705 and 520. ALGE paper has the ALGE Logo watermark on the back.

Emergency use of adding machine thermal paper is fine. You are looking for 2 1/4 inch wide by 85 feet long rolls of thermal paper. You will probably have to strip off several yards to allow it to drop into the carrier. Likewise use of TAG or Longines paper is fine as well.

TIMY paper is $3.00 a roll

Originally posted 28 Dec 2001 by Fred Patton
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