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I bought the ALGE TED2 at the beginning of this season and so far I have had the opportunity to try it at two smaller sports competitions.
So far, satisfaction, but I would still like to share the experience with someone. I tried direct connection to the PC (ALGE COMtoFile) and connection via ALGE Timy as a wireless channel - approx. 300 m.


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I use both modes: TED2 TX -> TED2 RX with ALGE Timing software (ExcelWrite and COMtoFile) and also TED2 TX -> TED2 RX -> ALGE Timy3 with Msports Pro software (I have the 5x series version, it doesn't know TED2).
I made the cable to connect the Timy myself, it is not original. It is a simple serial transmission in one direction. The schematic is public at ALGE Timing.
So far I am rather testing the capabilities of the device, especially the practical range in different terrain. Therefore, so far only at small sporting events and with the support of a thorough backup.
I bought external magnetic antennas because it is difficult to work with a rod antenna in the car or on the table. I have so far successfully tested the use up to a distance of 300m.
I miss the possibility to enter the pulse manually (for example, in the event of a photocell failure). Therefore, I have to connect a cable with a manual button in parallel to the photocells.

I'll tell you a funny story about myself: Last weekend, before a sports event, I tested the whole set with the Timy3 device at home in the living room.
TED2 synchronize the time via GPS automatically, and with Timy3 I synchronized the time manually according to the alarm clock (radio controll).
However, when I started sending test pulses to START and FINISH, the Msports Pro software failed to calculate the result. The start time from TED2 was fine, but the finish time from Timy3 showed a warning.
I researched this error for a long time. I looked for the error in the Timy3 settings as well as in the software settings. I tried different versions of the software and still nothing. I still couldn't figure out where the error happened and I was getting desperate.
After about an hour of experimenting, I finally realized where the mistake was.
In Europe we still use summer time and winter time. All technology with GPS must be corrected when the time changes (twice a year). The time has recently changed and I forgot to make a correction for TED2 (Timy3 were synchronized according to the alarm clock).
So the start was "an hour behind target" but I didn't register it at all as I was focused on the software warning. Only after the GPS time was corrected was everything OK and I could calm down.

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