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Personally I do not use orbits, however do use AMB decoders with our own software / own live timing application.

There is no ready known AMB live timing application (as far as I know they have no interest in building / supporting one - at least from what I have heard). - But could be wrong

However, for a simple way you could always have a PC running the commentary display screen orbits has, take the output of the screen as video, and stream it to the internet as a video feed? (with Ustream or something like that)

I dont know the resolution of something like this (as have never tried it) - But It seems a simple / free way to do it?

Jake :-)
>>Are there any possibility to pick up network (LAN) packets in a SQL database?

Very straightforward task for a programmer who knows sockets programming and a bit of SQL. Most AMB decoders support up to 4 simultaneous, persistent TCP/IP client connections. However, you are not going to find a user-scriptable utility for this amongst AMB's end-user tools, nor are you going to find this amongst the ADMIN features of MS-SQL or MySQL.
Even though the decoders support up to 4 simultaneous TCP/IP Clients. That doesn't help with the data stream because you want to be pulling data after collation by Orbits. E.g. you want to intercept the TCP/IP stream from Orbits to the AMB announcer display program. - Might have to do some packet sniffing.

Getting a data stream from Orbits is where you are stuck I believe. If you know a programmer and contact AMB, they might even give you their network protocols? - But i wouldn't hold your breath....

Jake :-)
Sorry to hijack an old thread...

I use Race Monitor for phones, tablets, etc. as well as for website display. I really like the fact that I can send a single data stream out to the Race Monitor relay server and everyone connects to that instead of my timing PC. Did I mention the relay service is FREE?

For local display on TV's, I was using RMonitor but wasn't very happy with the look. I recently upgraded to the Announcer Plugin for Orbits, and we love it! Green indicators for personal best lap in session, purple indicator for best overall lap in session, it shows DQ, DNS, and DNF as well. As long as you have a PC that can run Orbits Remote this looks awesome.

I've attached a screen cap for those unfamiliar with it.



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  • orbits-remote
I'll hijack Deke's hijack. Wink

A couple of things that have developed in the last 24 months since Deke's post. First, to James' point above, you need to do some coding if you want to consume the RMonitor stream. There is an open source Java project on Github that has a basic implementation of this which would get people down the road if they want to DIY: ZacharyFox RmonitorLeaderboard project on Github

The second thing is a project I'm working on called RaceHero which provides live timing, provisional and official results, entry lists and schedule to any phone or computer automatically MyLaps Orbits: - live timing and race results app

The relay service is permanently free to tracks/organizers/T&S and we have free embeds that work on any device for the live timing and results archives so you can host them on your own website. I'm attaching a screenshot that highlights a few of our fun app features.


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Like Pukka said (is not connecting directly to Orbits database), "... if you want to consume the RMonitor stream", they must be getting info from Orbits "relay", this is, always Orbits is sending info to any client connected on same local lan and a client software (like MyLaps Monitor, announcer, Race Monitor stream relay, and now Mylaps Speedhive) are getting the info and parsing to custom database to upload on Internet, the Orbits send each few seconds the positions for races with green flag, and with your custom software (socket connection) you cant get this data.

The protocol for data sending es "rmonitor protocol" you can see here:

Greetings everyone,

We have a very good live timing solution for Orbits 4 and Orbits 5 X2.
Our software works with the transx2, tranx3 and X2 decoder
Affordable prices
The results can be styled on your website

- sending interval setting (example: 2s, 3s, 4s .......)
- full license without rent payment
- configuration of up to 3 sectors (SS1, SS2, SS3)
- Selectable columns
- Easy to set up


$ 500 - standard version (no sectors)
$ 700 - pro version (with 3 sectors)

Follow screen photos on the internet


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