Ipico DF Shoe Chips for sale in custom quantities. RunSum in Utah has moved to UHF chipping, and has thousands of Ipico chips for sale. I've personally been using their chips for the last two years, and have had no issues.

I'm acting as a consignment agent for said chips. I have a couple of thousand in hand, ready to ship in smaller quantities. Higher quantities will come from RunSum in Utah.

They are branded, but I can offer a very reasonable label service for you, if required. (see below) The chips come in two varieties, not all will require full rebranding. (blues have the website name at the bottom, but could easily be covered up by a chip number (ie #101, #102, etc)

<1000         ¢60
1000-2000 ¢57
2000+         ¢54

Additionally and independently, we can offer chip label design and printing at a fantastic cost. Prints are on glossy Orajet paper with good water resistance. I've been working with a local print shop to get the sizing right for the last few weeks. They were able to produce 1000 labels for me within a few hours, and I'm extremely happy with the quality.

Small labels ¢6
Large labels ¢12

There will be a small fee for the logo setup, based on complexity of the design.

Prices do not include shipping, but these chips have been shipped successfully using USPS Flat Rate boxes. Small quantites and labels will ship from Arkansas, large quantities of chips from Utah.

On hold at the moment for future inquiries (see next post)


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