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Can someone help me, I connect the watch to my pc and open a Hyperterminal and use the Com0ComSetup.exe application, but I can't see anything.

I really don't know how Hyperterminal can take the USB as a com port, ie how can I make Timy's usb work as a COM input to my PC.

On the other hand, is there a way to connect the TIMY 1 to a PC using RS-232?

I have no problem making connectors, but not really if this clock can be used as if it were an RS-232 output, just as it is used with the application that the manufacturer recommends.

Finally, there is some SDK, to be able to take the data from the clock, both run, and by top,...,

Please help.

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I don´t think, that the mentioned tools help you in any way. Updating the timer is ok., but comf.exe reads a real serial port and writes to a file. It doesn´t create a virtual com port you can use for your timer and application. The best solution will be creating a real serial cable to use your timer. The cable is known as Alge cable 205-2.

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