The RACETIME2 can either be connected to the PC using a direct connection to the 15pin, DB15 or through the 4 pole input connection box.

Page 27>28 in the RACETIME2 manual.

The direct connection to the DB15

Ground = 10 <> Pin 5 DB 9
Data transmit = 14 <> Pin 2 DB 9
Data receive = 15 <> Pin 3 DB 9

Pin 10 will also be used for the impulse ground so you need to take care jumping another cable onto the ground pin. Use shrink tubing to isolate it.

Connection to the 6 pin DIN Plug that connects to Serial I/O (display) output on the connection box.

Pin 1 = Data Transmit <> Pin 2 DB9
Pin 5 = Ground <> Pin 5 DB9
Pin 6 = Data Receive <> Pin 3 DB9 (not really needed for TOD transmit to PC)
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Hello, a question I have. How well you know you can connect everything to Mispiker and in turn to MiServer, but using Hyperterminal I need to detect the information that the system sends to generate an external app that controls a led panel hd. Does anyone have the communication protocol?

I think that maybe I have explained myself wrong, I have the timer manual, but what I would need is the communication protocol that the MiServer generates, that is, I would need to put a PC on the NETWORK in order to have the information that MiSpiker generates, for example in a road cycling time trial and being able to generate a web or mobile application so that the users of my network can have information on positions, ranking, goal, ..., that is to say, something similar to what MiSpikerGT does, but not for TV, but to generate data on radio, press, ..., could you know that data that is generated in MiSpeaker?

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