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Maybe someone can help ? I want to connect the Alge D-RTNM display to VOLA
The display is 48 characters. For ALGE D-RTMN Display the network connection code using the following:

But in the VOLA scenario there are only Characters 24
What are the possibilities to change the parameters Characters 24 to 48 ?

Because at the moment I'm only showing half the display

Thanks maybe someone can help.



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@mhoward posted:

I have the P1V1-16x96, smaller version. My board shows 2 rows, 1 through 16 across the top row and on the second row, 17 through 24.

Vola has limited all the RTNM to 24 characters. Vola has been asked in the past to make alterations to the RTNM, but I do not believe they  have a board to test with.

Thanks for the reply. I already asked VOLA how to increase the characters.

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