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Hi all

Our dirt karting association purchased the Bechronized/Orion Timing system.

We are having no end of issues with reliability and accuracy.

Has anyone out there used this system, and if so, how did you find it? There seems to be limited info on the net about this system.

website here -
transponders we use -!transponders/cu23 (BeChronized ProRange)
decoder here -!decoders/c1htb (BeChronized Elite Decoder)

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I am sorry to say that I've never heard of it ... but it says this on the main page of their website: "BeChronized exists one year."

It is unfortunate that you have spent your money as I believe I have several solutions that could have worked well for you should you have still been in the market.

I hope that you find a solution with what you have since you have an investment already. I assume you have a dealer or bought direct? Bug them.

I have seen any number of start up chip solutions. But the big guys spend time and effort on development, testing and support that you don't necessarily get elsewhere. I also see value in purchasing things that have same language/same country support/repair, etc.
Are you using the pro chip?

Specification BeChronized ProSpeed 250 Transponder
Timing accuracy 0.003 seconds
Maximum speed 250 km/h
Maximum detection height 400 cm
Temperature range Standard: – 40°C to +70°C
Option: – 55°C to + 125°C
Dimensions 45 x 60 x 35 mm
Weight 78 grams
Housing 100% weather resistant and waterproof
Battery type Lithium
Fixation Holder

Do you fit within all criteria? Start looking at loop construction then and likely the need for multiple loops.

It appears to be an "active" chip that only needs an Rx Loop and not a transmit loop. They say their decoders can take multiple loops. While I know nothing about your setup, there are some general principles at work.

Thanks for your comments/feedback, greatly appreciated.

No we aren't using the ProSpeed 250 (although you would think that would have been the logical choice).

We are using the "Bechronized ProRange", that doesn't mention karting funnily enough, however that is what our association has mandated so we are stuck with it.

I have the same system but with the simple BeChronized ProActive transponders and I have been using it successfully for about two years (it was called Orion Ceres when I bought it). When I bought this system I had a lot of problems until I gained some experience and figured out how this system worked. The problem always have been that Orion/BeChronized don't have good manuals on how to use their system.

The main problem usually is the placement of decoder. If You use the default antenna supplied with decoder, You should place the decoder at least 1m above ground and right next to the finish line (at least for ProActive transponders).

The second thing is the loop. If the finish line is 2m to 10m You should run the wire around finish line two times. If finish line is more than 10m then the wire can run only one time. This is what they suggest and this actually increases the hits I receive on my decoder.

You can go through documents on their old webpage - . Although it is hard to understand a lot of that stuff written in english/french, these can be pretty useful.

If You have any other questions i'll try to reply.

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