Project to build your own timing system

I have spent years on a personal level manufacturing and improving my own timing equipment, but I no longer have the strength to continue the project. The timing system is up to the best. Synchronization in real time with the server, high connectivity, remote access. Own timing software for triathlon, running, cycling with 10 years of evolution and improvements. Up to 9 hours of autonomy (battery). Premium components. Great reading effectiveness.

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The protocol default is 1200,n,8,1 It is adjustable in the RACETIME2 config menu

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If I recall correctly, the serial port (3.5" stereo jack) on the cp505 is output only. And it runs 1200 baud, 8 bit data, no parity, and...

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@protimingsolutions I would like to extract saved race times.. I have no idea how this device save times.. but if it is able to print...

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Saw your request for timing gear. I have some Ipico DF timing boxes and mats that I am not using any longer. I moved to Trident. I have...

MYLAPS Full Bibtag System For Sale

I am getting out of the race timing business and have a full system and set up avl for sales. Everything is in great condition. 4/ 4m decoder boxes- Each box is $4000 12 bibtag detection rubber mats- Each mat is $400 I also have orange traffic cones, 2 Seiko stopwatches, and a Gill 9' digit clock avl if interested. I am attaching some pictures but I have more and video's.

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Try to sniff with Wireshark (or alike) your virtual ports. On start-up, there should some information dumped by the 505 to the...

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You can also try these popular methods. I assure you that you cannot tell the difference between these methods and a "connect all 5...

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A our ski club we use 5 Timy for the ski race. We use 2 hold timy for the manual chrono Everything has double redundancy, The start gate...

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How good is this equipment? Just when I get Simply Fit Board injuries I was extremely angry and upset!

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but my equipment is Mylaps X2 with Orbits 5 software, I am looking for a live timing program obs, .... I have a Vola key to sell, there...

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Hi, I developed my own live timing for Vola. It has 2 parts. Special software that connects to Vola, and sends simple xml files to web...

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Good Morning! Does anyone here in the group know any software to send live Mylaps timing? Mylaps charges very expensive. Is there an...

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Good Morning! Do you know any software for sending live timing Mylaps? Mylaps charges very expensive. Is there an alternative program...

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Thanks! Yeah I finally hooked hooked up with Ernie finally. He’s been very helpful. BART, don’t get me started. 🤦🏼‍♂️ I did hear about...

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Ernie is your best chance for getting what you want. Regrettably the owner of BART, the other source for software passed after an...

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Hello. Running and cycling for now, but maybe also triathlon races in te future. Thank You