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Hello. Running and cycling for now, but maybe also triathlon races in te future. Thank You

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We are still accepting TAG 520 timers as trade in or we will purchased them outright. This window is closing as these timers cannot be...

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Brings back some memories! I can't help you with a manual, but reflectors are reflectors, you can use TAG or Alge reflectors as they...

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Hi all! thanks for sharing your experiences regarding this issue I removed the AA batteries for 3 days, and reseted it many times, even...

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MENU/GENERAL/ STN-AUTOMATIC/ FINISH  3 options in FINISH  Choose MANUALLY to freeze force then operator to enter a bib approaching...

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Hello follows, I am running a parallel final this week end with Timys, is it possible to program differential times for the finals, with...

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I don´t know the Tido exactly, but at least you need a optocoupler and a resistor for this job.

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Glad to hear it works. Sometimes they can change after a reset. One of mine CP545's changed the precision to 1/1000 sec after a reset.

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Hello- We have this Southern Cross Timing System but we really need a manual and a place that sells replacement parts- any help here? We...

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Could it be that your wand is bouncing and giving multiple start signals? Have you tried changing which wand is connected to which timer?

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When we first got a set of 520’s, we were going crazy with false starts and finishes till we installed line isolation between the hill...

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possibly need to set a delay in software to ignore repeat impulses from dirty contact inside wand base. We do this and it only take the...

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I would swap timers (B to A), without changing anything else, to verify if it's the timer or the wand. Check the lock time for the start...

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We had a similar problem with TIMY and Vola. TIMY sent impulse counter rather than bib # to Vola. Check under Timing Device...

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Hi, you probably already checked it but is it the same lock time for input 1 on both timers? I usually have 1.0 sec on input 1 for the...

Tag 520 timer

we have two 520 timers, tag A gives us two starts when the racer goes thru the wand. sometimes it is 4 digits off. like racer 6 and then race 10. We have changed wands 3 times thinking it was the wands. Still does it, but not all the time. Can the timer be going bad inside? Timer B does not do it ?