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The DB25 connection uses pin 18 for C4. Common grounds are at pins 12 and 24. The diagram is found on p. 29 of the General manual...

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It works in Vola though, the log can be printed on a Timy with elapsed times and bibs shown.

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Hi Simon, there is no need for an additional printer if your Timy has one. we use split second all the time through a break out box and...

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Not in NAT/FIS. ALGE blocked that feature to comply with FIS rules. It should work in CLub and NASTAR. Only with the DB25 to DB9 serial...

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If you are looking to print bib number and net times back to the timer that is not available with Timy like it is with Tag.

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I had a play around with the Hanhart watches last week, and found it is possible to connect a plunger to the terminals for recording...

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I am also looking for elite V3 or V2 software to purchase. Anyone have please contact us. thank you

TAG Heuer raffle at GMVS a big hit

Thanks to our friends at TAG Heuer for providing Pro Timing Solutions with several backpacks, lanyards, notebooks, pens, and even 2 Pocket Pro Winter stopwatches! Several of the most important RA's and Timekeepers had a chance to learn at the 2 day clinic hosted by GMVS. Thanks to Sam and Paige from US Ski and Snowboard's Eastern Office for taking care of all of us.

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Hello, is the system still for sale? please email @ (We are in the NYC area)