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Karl, How much of a rush are you in? I will have 1 elite, and mats for sale around the first week of Nov? -Victor

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Hello Nick, we have what you need with FDS-Timing. Photocells WIRC and Timer-Box (TBox) with a affordable price. We are proposing also...

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Are you looking for wired or wireless system. Our ski club upgraded all of our gear within the last couple of years and have printers,...

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Hey Nick, If you are interested in discussing a variety of options that could suit your needs, please send me an email at...

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Hi, please email me at , I may have a reasonably priced product you would be interested in. Cheers Geoff.

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I have a couple AMB decoders available

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Hello Lena, how are you? Do you have amb active chip system for sale? Would you like to know more.

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What type of racing is it ?

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Please email me at I may have useable photocell for you to have.

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I have used amb active chips and complete system if you are interested in used equipment.

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Thanks. That's good info, From the timing room to the top of our SL hill at Cochrans is 2000' which measures at 42 Ohms with 22 awg. Add...

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Most multi pair telco type cable used is 24 - 26 awg. A typical slalom hill with fresh cable and boxes will ring out at 25-60 ohms. GS...

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UTP cable should work and phone cable too. You don't need a system B for intermediate so one pair is enough for it. I gess phone cable...

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Are you located in France ? If so, if the event is at least a level 3 one, you could use IMHP 870 from Agil Electronics, which are...

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I would not use FIber But we have some races where there is no cable at all and not able to use radio ... Has anyone used UTP cable for...

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Hello, Optical fiber isn't a smart solution for timing a ski event. It could be if the start, finish and intermediate would never be...

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Hi, "Why not just adopt the current rules for wireless timing and use fiber instead." If you check following document:...

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Hello Lucio, I'm sorry we can't accept. The items is practically new. Have a great week!

FDS-Timing: a new timing solution

We are proposing TimingBox ( TBox ) with GPS, Radio transmission to our WIRC Photocells or WINP Transmitter. TBox is delivered with most common protocols of communication, and so it is compatible with most of timing software Additionnal of this, we are proposing a very light, and modular Display : MLED-3S Our philosophy is to propose the right timing equipment for the correct price. All our product are developped and made in Switzerland Visit our website:

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Hi you can use this software it compatible with Weer Decoder. I use Ultimate.

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