Low range of a TED 400
I have a TED-400 TX that recently has dropped severly in range. It works only within free sight, tested to about 500m. Without visibility to the RX there is no signal even at ranges down to 200m.

Yes, I have changed the antenna. I have another TED connected to same RX that works just fine.

I just do not want to send the RX back to the manufacturer fore some long weeks in the middle of season.

Anyone have some bright ideas ?
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Make sure the bridging plate that keeps the batteries in place is clean. Scrape it off with a knife or file. Clean the battery contacts on the AA cells as well. Try to test the unit again and you should see much better performance.

PST maintains loaner TED units out of their rental stock for customers. Your distributor should as well.
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You could open it up and check to see if the BNC connector for the antenna internally has a wire/soldier issue. Short of this, ask for a loaner from the distributor before returning for repair.
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Had to get a brand new one for the season.

The TED was stolen within 30 mins after last finish of a downhill race.

Luckily, the moron took the defect one out of 5-6 TEDs in operation.
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Set mine up in dark and had one battery in upside down. RX howled all night but still got the signals. Amazing!
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