Alge TED/RX and Skunkware
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Just a quick note to tell you how we use the wireless TED/RX for displays using Broder's Applications(TT*Ware,Fiddleware...)

Put the TED/TX and RX on "Program 1". Hook the Serial cable directly to the GAZ displays and start your Computer program of choice. Check the displays to make sure they are working properly (just use Time of Day to displays) and then connect the cable up to the TED/TX and the RX up to the GAZ input. This will minimize the problems of the program not seeing the GAZ displays being properly connected. The Displays should work like a charm after this initial setup test.

This will save the batteries of the wireless gear in that it only uses precious battery life when transmitting a time to the scoreboard and still will function sending ticking 1/10 seconds to the board when needed.

The option of "program 6" or Always On, with a shortcut using adapter 119 in the Alge book of cables pulls to much power from the Wireless units(especially in cold weather) for a reasonable all day race.

Originally posted 20 May 2002 by Jim Karnes
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