S4 connected to two computers, is it possible?
I have heard rumors that there is a way to use one S4 connected to 2 laptops so you can score 2 courses at one time on separate laptops. This would eliminate the need for 2 timers to separate girls and boys courses that are racing next to each other.

Obviously I would need Nastar or Split Second on each laptop and use a separate race file on each one, but would make my life a lot easier only having one timer at our resort.

Is this possible or just a dream?
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Not a dream. We have run 4 pcs off a single S4. Just keep paralleling the serial connection. Pin 5 ground, Pin 2 input.

SST will allow you to use input mapping to create starts and finishes.

The S4 in program 3 has 18 possible channels. Use a MC or OC-18 breakout box available from Phoenix Sports
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