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I've used our Timy 2 PXE in the "BACKUP" program regularly, but am wondering about using it for training purposes on hill. There is a program called "TRAINING LITE" that allows me to enter bib numbers on the fly, and capture start and finish times. But, it doesn't seem to allow more than one competitor on the course at the same time. I have the following questions:

1. For training, can "TRAINING LITE" allow more than one athlete on the course at the same time? Or is there another PROGRAM I should be using on hill?

2. Once all the times are captured on hill, can I download those times to my software (i.e. SplitSecond) to create a results file or similar to share with athletes at end of day?

Thanks for any insight.

Steve (Lake Louise Ski Club, Alberta, Canada)
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Training Lite works well.

You can dump the times after the fact into the COM to File program and then transfer them to another excel spreadsheet.

You will have to experiment to get it to do exactly what you want.
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