S4 Losing Communication with Laptop
We had issues this past Monday with our High School Race. We run dual courses through seperate S4 boxes. Both timers would stop communicating with the laptops at the same time. The remedy was to clear the timing logs in our Nastar software and then reboot the laptops/timers. We'd get 2-3 racers and the problem would repeat. We are connecting Windows 7 laptops via coolgear USB-Serial adapters. I disconnected the AC power from both the timers and laptops and that seemed to fix the issue up until our last girl racer and then the connection was lost again. It seems like a possible AC grounding issue, but I don't know enough to trouble shoot this. Battery power is ok for the timers, but I'm not sure the laptop batteries would have enough to carry an entire race.

Anyone else have similar experiences?
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Had a similar problem with a track and field device. The computer would turn off the usb port to save battery power, It did not happen when the computer was plugged in. Go to power options-edit plan settings-change advanced power settings-usb and check what options are enabled for "on battery"
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The S4 will stop sending serial data from its ports when the S4 memory becomes full. Clear memory at each start up of the S4 and do not have a race with more than 8000 impulses and you will be fine. You will find that the clock, even with the memory full, will still accept impulses and will also print them but will not store or transmit them.
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