PTB605 v13 upgrade
I have a used PTB605 that I recently picked up to use for orienteering races. We use the sportident system for our code checking (verifying that racers went to all the correct checkpoints in the correct order), and in the past have used the same system to generate start and finish times. What I like about the 605, is that I can feed data back from the sportident system to the timer printer to have a record of competitor ID in the same printout.

I have my software working to interface the 605 with our existing scoring and code checking system (OE2010), but the timer I have does not have the v13 firmware, and the non v13 protocol is a pain in the ass, and prone to error.

Tag no longer has the replacement chips needed for the upgrade available. Does anyone have a broken 605 with the v13 firmware that I could pull the chip from? Does anyone have another ptb605 with printer that they want to sell? Are there other timers out there that I can send data to the built in printer on? I've looked through the protocol documentation for a bunch of new timers and don't see anything.
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I am sure that one of our members can help you.

ALGE TIMY and TIMY2 can act as bidirectional timers with the correct cable.
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I think I have a PTB605 that has a bad keypad but the V13 eprom is still good. I will check. Send me an email todd at pyramidtiming dot com.
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Have you a ptb605 for sale?
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